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You can have fun on your PC in the same way you would do on your tablet and smartphone. All you need is a way to make your PC recognize your Android apps. After that, you can go and pick the favorite apps and install them on your PC.

You will then launch the apps in the same way that you would any other program on your computer. This idea ensures that there are no more limitations on your part. Continue taking notes with your laptop as you play candy crush and the Wild West craft games on your PC. The following are suggestions you might observe when you are picking Apps for PC.

Download the Apk File

Android files for installation come in the APK format. If you have a record that has a .exe extension, then it is an ordinary PC’s software. The Android app will have the .apk extension when you view it on your PC before installation.

Getting this type of file is essential for two reasons. One, you can install it at any PC you have. This option lets you have the app on any laptop or desktop and tablet computer you have that is running windows and has your Android emulator already installed. Secondly, you can reuse the same file. Thus, you can uninstall it when you need and reinstall it to get back its functionalities.

trusted sites

Only Download Trusted Files

You must identify trusted sites for downloading your files. Do not go about selecting any apk file from the internet. The description of the file might be right, but you do not know what is inside it. You can assume it is the correct file, but assumptions are not an approved way of doing computer security. Instead, the best thing to do is go and download your app from a verified and secure site.

You will see in your browser that there is the word secure or the sign of a padlock on the address bar. You are also going to see the https prefix on the address.

Scan Files before Installing

Sometimes, the files you get are the correct ones. However, Trojans can embed themselves in these files especially if you download a zipped folder with many files inside. Therefore, run all your downloaded files through antivirus and anti-malware program. Make sure the programs you use have the latest updates for viruses and malware definitions. These updates ensure the program can catch the most recent malicious program seeking to wreak havoc on your PC.

Read the System Requirements

You will be able to play games on your PC even though they are Android games. However, you should remember that your PC probably lacks the touch interface. Moreover, it may not provide the ease of shaking as you would do with your phone.

Therefore, be mindful of the requirements of the apps you are downloading for your PC. They will work, but they may exhibit some weird behaviors and lags because their conditions are not the ones your PC environment is providing.