microscope with kid

Guide on Buying a Microscope for Students

In the search for a microscope, you can use a student? Don’t worry! This guide got you covered! Microscopes are available in two types, namely the dissecting or stereo microscopes (low power) and compound or biological microscopes (high power). Each type has its own features and is used for varying tasks. 

Looking for the right one can be daunting as there are different excellent brands on the market now. And it might always take a bit of searching for you to get the best. Whatever your needs or budget, there is always the right one out there for you.

Microscope Head

Microscopes have different configurations, which you should consider during your search. For instance, biological microscopes have three configurations, including binocular, monocular, and trinocular. On the other hand, stereo microscopes have binocular and trinocular configurations. 

The monocular configurations are the ideal choice for children, while the binocular is suitable for adults. With a trinocular, you can connect a webcam or camera onto the third eyepiece to take videos or pictures of the specimen.

Focus Know

The knob makes it possible to find the right focus when using the microscope. Some microscopes have two knobs, such as the coarse focus and fine focus, while others have a third knob called the adjustment knob. Whatever the choice, choose one that gives you a clear view and a better understanding. 

Light Source

It would help if you considered several things, like heat, color accuracy, ease of replacement, and lamp life, when it comes to light builds in microscopes. Some of the light bulbs include tungsten/incandescent light, halogen, fluorescent, and LED. Other microscopes don’t have bulbs and use the natural light, but you need a well-lit room to use it effectively.


A condenser functions by collecting light from the source and focusing it on the specimen. So, choose a microscope with a condenser as the images observed will be sharper compared to those seen without a condenser. 


Microscope Stage

There are two types of microscope stages you need to consider. One needs to be moved manually while observing the specimen while the other is a mechanical stage. You can move the latter without adjusting the knobs. Mechanical stages are a feature in most high-end microscopes, but they can also be mounted on units that don’t come with one. 


The latest microscopes can be powered by batteries, making it possible to use outside. Also, consider its weight and size if you are looking for a portable microscope.