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Four Tech Gadgets to Help You Improve Your Health

Health gizmos are proliferating in the market, and they come with many features. You can find anything from a smartwatch that can track your calorie consumption to a bracelet that claims to detoxify your body. This makes choosing a health gadget difficult. 

But here, you’ll learn four essential gadgets to have that can give you a direct and positive impact on your health. Once you invest in them, you don’t need to spend more money on others. 


a smart watchThe key to a healthy lifestyle is accurate activity scheduling. You need a balanced portion of working out, sleeping, and eating. And there will be no gadget more suited for that job than a smartwatch. 

The primary features you are looking for on a smartwatch are: 

  • Smartphone Compatibility

Remember that different smartwatches work with different smartphones. Even if they claim to be compatible with any smartphones, there might be some features that can’t work well. 

  • Heart-Rate and GPS Sensors

These two sensors are the cores of a smartwatch. Even though all smartwatches have them, you need to be sure that yours are functional. 

  • Long-life Battery

The ones that combine analog and digital interfaces usually have longer battery life. If you like to exercise outdoors, you want a model that can follow your performance. 

A Portable Espresso Maker

Coffee might just be supplementary to your overall health. But it is always better to brew your own than to buy the ready-to-drink products because the latter tend to have excessive sugar in it. For your information, it is the sugar that is harmful to your body, not fat! Therefore, you should avoid taking sugary beverages when possible. 

As for the portable espresso maker, you can check Wacaco Minipresso. This tool claims that it can get you gourmet-quality coffee.

A Healthy Home Coach

A healthy home coach is basically a smart sensor device that can detect the level of humidity, pollution, and even noise. It can tell you precisely what factors are harmful to your health. For this one, we’d recommend Netatmo’s Healthy Home Coach. 

A Glucometer

testing glucoseDid you notice it when we say sugar can be harmful to you? One way to keep your glucose tracked is by having a portable glucometer. And what’s better is that we have a model that is compatible with smartphones.

Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System is an FDA-approved gadget that can be linked to your phone so that you can monitor your blood glucose every time you need it.